• University of Montana—Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a minor in Music, emphasis in vocal performance and music history
  • Course Experience: Music Theory, Ear Training, Music History, Voice training, Piano and Choral participation

Special Skills and Training

  • 9 years private voice lessons
  • Prolific songwriter, lyricist and performer
  • Writer and owner of over 30 songs under United States copyright
  • Possesses a vast knowledge of instrumentation, tonality and texture for song arrangement
  • Completed hundreds of on-stage performances
  • Band management and concert event planning
  • Studio experience includes: Production, mixing and mastering with keen attention to detail
  • Logic Pro software, Multi-track audio capture, microphone types and placement, equalization, compression, effects, arranging composite tracks
  • Extensive management and leadership abilities, possessing a strong work ethic
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving abilities
  • Creative and innovative
  • Continuous learning and education to broaden personal knowledge base of a wide array of artists, new and old, in order to develop cutting edge and relevant material

recordings and achievements

  • On My Way Home, Rodrick Duran 2017
  • Wrote and recorded my own debut complete album which includes nine original songs all written by Rodrick Duran as well as one cover song
  • Available on iTunes, Spotify and through CD Baby distributing
  • Acoustic guitar, all lead vocals and song arrangements by Rodrick Duran
  • Co-produced, co-engineered, co-mixed and co-mastered by Rodrick Duran with Richard McIntosh
  • President/Founder of Hopelight Productions Publishing Company
  • Proactive in community service and fundraising/donation
  • Performed with the Mendelssohn’s club choir, Missoula Montana
  • National Anthem performances for St Louis Cardinals and Missoula Osprey Baseball teams

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